Our commitment is crystal clear: no judgment, no B.S., just genuine support.

Enter our judgment-free counseling space, where authenticity reigns, and the atmosphere feels as safe as your favorite cozy spot. Forget the therapy homework; we're all about real-life challenges that empower you. 

Expect each session to be a journey where you not only explore your thoughts and feelings but leave with practical takeaways ready for real-life action. This isn't just about navigating challenges; it's about conquering them, armed with insights that resonate beyond the counseling space. So kick your shoes off, (if that’s your thing) and let’s dive into therapy that’s about as real as it gets!

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Complex PTSD, PTSD, Attachment Trauma, Somatic Trauma Work, LGBTQIA+ mental health, Identity Exploration, Dissociation, Women’s Issues, Adolescent Issues, Anxiety, Depression, Troubled Childhood, Exploring Sexuality & Gender Expression, Blended Families, Healthy Communication & Conflict Resolution, Relationship Issues, Personal Growth, Life Transitions, Grief & Loss, Family Estrangement, Death & Dying, Career Transitions, Problems at Work & School, Interrupted sleep/Insomnia.

Specifically, we have helped clients work through a variety of issues not limited to:



Individual counseling sessions serve as one-on-one time spent with your therapist focused on helping to identify your strengths and empowering you to move from surviving to thriving! No matter your background or where you are starting from, our team helps to tailor and teach coping skills, effective communication techniques, and other tools to manage stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, gender identity issues, relationship problems, and other mental health concerns. Our eclectic approach and inclusive identity are designed to work WITH you and your special life circumstances! 

Our goal is to help you feel understood, valued, and respected as you work through difficult times, celebrate incredible wins, and discover your whole-self health.

The therapeutic process is unique to each individual and may involve different techniques such as somatic therapy, solution-focused brief therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and mindfulness-based approaches. The goal of individual therapy is to help you gain insight into yourself, develop self-awareness, and improve your overall quality of life - we are here as a sort of travel guide to help you uncover and practice the tools to build your own life adventure! 

individual sessions after intake: $95/30-minute session | $155/50-minute session

Couples Sessions

Couples counseling acts as a vessel to strengthen the love connection, develop each other's inner worlds, resolve conflicts and improve communication between romantic life partners. It is a journey that aims to help couples understand each other's perspectives, identify unhelpful patterns of behavior, and develop strategies to strengthen their relationship. During couples sessions, your counselor will guide you and your partner through various exercises and conversations designed to facilitate more effective communication and emotional connection. The therapist will help the couple learn to listen to each other's concerns and express their own needs in a constructive, and respectful way.

Our core need for belonging is so essential to who we are, and the quality of the relationship with our chosen life partners are great predictors of the overall outcome of our life experience. 

Additionally, couples work can help partners navigate difficult life transitions, such as blending families, processing the loss of a loved one, financial stress, or the birth of a child. With the right tools and support, couples can build a stronger, more meaningful relationship that can withstand the challenges of life. At Safe Space Healing Collective, we understand the importance of a healthy relationship and are dedicated to providing an experience that helps facilitate a safe and supportive environment where couples can thrive.

Family Sessions or Couples Sessions after intake: $165/50-minute | $285/90-minute

Trauma Intensives

That's why we offer 90-minute to multi-hour block intensive therapy sessions. During these sessions, our skilled therapists provide a safe and supportive space for clients to work through and process their traumatic experiences. Our approach is grounded in a neuro-biologically based, trauma treatment model called The Comprehensive Resource Model® (CRM), developed by Lisa M. Schwarz, M.ED. CRM® is a versatile therapeutic model for treating trauma that focuses on the brain and its most essential functions. While originally developed to help individuals dealing with Complex PTSD, severe Dissociative Disorders, and Attachment Disorders, it has been found to be effective in helping manage a wide array of other conditions. It combines various techniques such as somatic experiencing, breathwork skills, and the client's connection to the natural world to access all forms of emotional trauma and stress.

At Safe Space Healing Collective, we know that everyone's journey to whole-self health is unique and sometimes it involves a bit more time and space for processing difficult life events. 

The goal is to help clients access painful emotions and memories while feeling fully present and aware, so that the memories can be reconsolidated without having to re-experience the distress they were under at the time of the igniting event. This helps clients to reorient themselves towards their emotions and embody their true authentic selves. CRM® is unique in that it accesses and clears the origin of split-second moments of intolerable affect that result in defense responses which lead to life-interfering symptoms, addictions, and disconnection from self and others. The approach is heart-centered and focuses on guiding clients to remember who they really are and embody their true authentic selves in their day-to-day lives.

Trauma Intensives: $275/ 90-minute session

Sliding scale fees are available on a case-by-case basis. To discuss this option, please call or email our office and we will be happy to assist you! Additional charges may be applied for letter writing and other special requests.

All services provided by Safe Space Healing Collective, LLC are considered “out of network” with insurance companies. However, we are able to provide a superbill upon request for clients to submit to insurance for possible reimbursement.

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