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hey there, I'm Ally -

a licensed professional counselor on a mission to empower individuals, couples, and the LGBTQIA+ community. Stepping into my counseling space means stepping into a judgment-free zone where authenticity reigns supreme. Together, we navigate the intricacies of emotions, relationships, and self-discovery. My commitment is to provide unwavering support, helping you embrace your journey with resilience and authenticity.

Let’s go on a transformative journey in your Safe Space, where understanding, acceptance, and empowerment converge to shape a path uniquely tailored to you.

Our Approach

“We like to get a little SAP-py in here”


The impact we make is meant to have longevity and flexibility as a means to keep clients moving towards their definition of “better”. With practical tools and techniques, clients have tangible resources that they can apply in their everyday life.


In our therapeutic approach, we emphasize authenticity by customizing our methods to suit each client's unique needs. We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the individual, considering both their psychological and physical aspects. Our process involves exploring personal values, aspirations, and the desired self, illuminating every facet of life, from career and relationships to a thorough values assessment. The collaborative aspect is fundamental to tailoring our tools effectively, ensuring a personalized and transformative experience for each individual.


The work we do in therapy matters and we like to make sure there is enthusiasm throughout all aspects of our services. Driven by continued learning and genuine concern for client outcomes, Safe Space Healing Collective aims to have this passion and tenacity act as the catalyst for professional and personal growth.

feel & heal

Throughout the therapeutic journey, feeling is the compass that guides the path to healing. It's through acknowledging, understanding, and embracing our emotions that genuine transformation takes root. Healing necessitates the courage to navigate the depths of our feelings, whether joy, sorrow, fear, or resilience. In the safety of the therapeutic space, facilitated by Ally's expertise, emotions become the keys unlocking doors to self-discovery and growth. By allowing ourselves to truly feel, we pave the way for profound healing, enabling us to cultivate resilience and embrace a more authentic and fulfilling life.

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Our Specialties

tailored to you


A safe and confidential space where clients explore their inner world, experiences, feelings, and behaviors with a trained therapist who equips them with the tools to achieve their goals and improve their whole-self health.


A transformational process that helps couples reconnect to one another, navigate through difficult times, fine-tune their communication, and reinvigorate their relationship.


Extended therapeutic processing sessions for clients that provide safe and nurturing spaces to unpack gnarly past experiences and heal from the impacts of trauma.

Hey there! However you got here, I am glad we crossed paths and that you decided to take a look into counseling. It is no secret that sometimes we are handed some difficult circumstances, and it is my firm belief that we all need someone – someone to listen, care, and offer a safe space. My aim is to provide a warm and welcoming environment that allows clients to develop a trusting and supportive therapeutic alliance. Counseling is an opportunity to grow, heal, and flourish! Working together, we can develop creative strategies and coping skills that establish healthy habits to approach the various hurdles that life throws our way.


 LPC / Gottman Level 1 / CRM Basic and Core Self

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